The first sign of puberty in a girl reveals itself in the breast. Breast growth and development can start at a young age of 8 or it could take as long as the age of 13. In rare cases it could been late teens.


The process of breast growth and development occurs an average of a 4 year span. The first stage of breast growth shows up in the nipple. Usually it has a "puffy" look and you might even miss that the breasts are beginning to blossom. Into the next phase, the breasts themselves start to get bigger. And only after much development do the breast form in a rounder more robust shape.


The hormone Estrogen triggers the growth of breasts, involving the  formation of milk ducts and fat deposition in the breasts. Just after the  beginning of puberty, the hormone known as Progesterone leads to the growth of milk glands at the end of milk ducts that further  shape the overall size of breasts. It is however during pregnancy that a woman achieves her full breast size.

Other breast change occurrences


Only pregnancy brings about the fullness of breast growth and development.

Younger breasts are mostly fat, and in pregnancy this fat makes way for milk to feed the baby. Breast growth is considerable during pregnancy. During the last few months of pregnancy, breasts are fully mature and ready for delivery.



In menopause, the milk producing system—ducts and milk glands—shrink, and are slowly then replaced by fat (just like after weaning). Some post-menopausal women can even experience an increase in breast size. Having more fat instead of milk glands makes the breasts softer. Also, the connective tissue loses strength, which makes the breasts sag more.

Natural ways to help with breast development


Healthy eating habits and a well-balanced diet ensure continued growth and proper development during puberty and breast development.

Eating a wide variety of foods is best to get all the nutrients your body needs for normal breast growth.


Exercise is great thing for a developing body. Not only does exercise help with regulating hormones, building some muscle underneath the breast tissue will result in pushing the breast out farther, giving a more enhanced breast as a results.

Regular sleep patterns

Sleep is essential for healthy cell growth and for cell and tissue repair. Recommend 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Sleep rejuvenates the body and is a nessicary part of healing and cell reproduction. If you don't get your body's sleep requirements it can inhibit physical development.